For many years of our work we developed a lot of successfull projects and got dozens of kind testimonials from our customers. We always tried to give our clients the best solution based on their needs. And we are proud to get admiring reviews from them.

I first consulted ToolBar Dev about the possibility of integrating Selenium IDE with the popular tool LogSuitePro. The aim of the project is to provide a new experience to thousands of Selenium IDE users worldwide. We went ahead with the integration work of both tools and we completed the work well within the schedule and budget. I am most impressed by how quickly ToolBar Dev team grasped Open Source code, and dove into the fine details of development in very litte time. It proves their mastery of JavaScript, Browser extentions development and now a new master of Selenium IDE plugins development.

Joseph Redimerio, MikeeC Software,

I previously developed an extremely complicated plugin component for advanced drag and drop in FireFox, and sought assistance when the latest version of Firefox made some internal changes. I was concerned that it would be difficult to find help due to the complexity of the project. I was delighted to find that not only was the ToolbarDev Team more than capable in helping, but they were fast, courteous, and cost effective. I was so impressed that I provided a bonus for their efforts that was not contractually required! I definitely recommend them and will continue to use their services.

Steve Repetti, CEO/CTO, RadWebTech, http://radwebtech.com

These guys work incredibly fast! The project was completed according to the negotiated budget and turned out to be great product. Working with ToolbarDev Team was a pleasure and they definitely set a high standard for my expectations from programmers.

Stefan Batanov,

The ToolbarDev Team is a group of amazing developers with clear communication and extremely prompt response times. They completed my project on budget and on schedule!

They are great to work with and I plan on using the ToolbarDev Team for future projects.

Josh Wex,

ToolbarDev Team has helped my business tremendously! After they completed my custom toolbar I announced it to my current clients as well as placed it on firefox site as a free download. Since that time, my business has trippled in size and my income is more than 6x what it was before ToolbarDev Team did my project!

I highly recommend these guys to anyone who needs professional results fast!

Steve Roye, Founder, Funny Money, http://realfirststeps.com

We’ve had the pleasure of dealing with ToolbarDev Team who have been spontaneous on quality and delivery. Always professional and easy to deal with, they never fell short of giving us advice and direction from their experience to help us achieve even better results than what we hoped for. This is a professional and honest team that we have no hesitation in recommending.

Garo Dedeyan, http://pingler.com

Using ToolbarDev Team was my first try at outsourcing on the Internet. Things have worked out very well with the team proving highly trustworthy and technically competent. They worked with my server side developer to create quite an unusual app which worked almost first time – some small glitches were fixed very quickly and Viktar piloted me through the quirks of Firefox’s extension approval process. In short, good service and great value.

James Gunn, http://bbspeedmap.com