• Ecosia (eco-friendly search engine)

    Ecosia (eco-friendly search engine)

    Ecosia is a search engine that donates its advertising revenues for the protection of the rainforests. Each Ecosia search saves...

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  • YouTuned


    YouTuned allows YouTube users to search for the next video to play without using a second browser window or tab....

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  • Send to My Cloud

    Send to My Cloud

    Send-To-My-Cloud save and share your bookmarks, documents, files and notes in your cloud...

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  • xWinLib Handler

    xWinLib Handler

    It is an event handler for Drag-And-Drop and Cut and Paste actions enabled by xWinLib JavaScript library...

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  • Amazon Quick Search

    Amazon Quick Search

    This simple extension allows a user to quickly search Amazon by just selecting text and right clicking...

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  • Lookup Firefox Extension

    Lookup Firefox Extension

    This extension allows to highlight words on a page from predefined list and submit selected text to a server....

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