Conduit and Crossrider Programming

Conduit and Crossrider are the most popular services that allow a user to simplify the process of extension development.

Conduit project allows you to design toolbars with the help of convenient web interface. But toolbars that can be produced with the help of Conduit are quite limited. We can help you to extend functionality of your Conduit-based extensions.

Crossrider project was created for programmers. It is designed to create cross-browser extensions for all most popular browsers. It allows to decrease development time and cost for some kind of extensions significantly.

Our programmers has already developed a number of complex extensions with Crossrider. We know how to develop add-ons with Crossrider framework. We know how to save your time. Hire Crossrider programmer now!

Sometimes Crossrider can be used to create basic prototype of your extension. It is always good to have proof of concept version at the start of the project. But later you can realize that Crossrider has some limitations and decide to develop native browser extensions instead of Crossrider-based version.

In this case we can help you to port your Crossider project to native platforms. Just request us for free quote.

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