• Conduit and Crossrider Programming
    Conduit and Crossrider are the most popular services that allow a user to simplify the process of extension development. Conduit project allows you to design toolbars with the help of convenient web interface. But toolbars that can be produced with the help of Conduit... read more
  • Internet Explorer Development
    In spite of growing popularity Chrome and Firefox browsers, Internet Explorer is still very popular browser in the world. Toolbar for Internet Explorer can be an additional source of revenue in your business. If you already have an extension for Google Chrome, but don’t... read more
  • Google Chrome Extension Development
    It’s no secret that appeared in 2008, Google has been announced as the People’s browser. Chrome has a reputation as a clean, fast and more stable browser. More than one million users type into the search query: Chrome extension. It is your chance. Leave... read more
  • Firefox Extension Development
    Browser Firefox is popular among most of the Internet users. That’s why you need to order an extension or add-on for Firefox in our company. Serious customers usually order toolbars for all major browsers, thus covering the maximum number of potential customers. We have... read more
  • Opera Extension Development
    Marketers say: successful salesperson attentive to each client. Compared to IE, Firefox, Chrome, even Safari, Opera uses a little more than a percent of users. However, considering how many millions they make a percent, it is not such a small number. Also Opera is... read more
  • Safari Extension Development
    Today Safari ranks 5th in terms of users. Moreover, a significant portion is occupied by those users who use the MAC. If you have already toolbars for Chrome, Firefox, it is highly recommended to make an extension for the Safari. This will increase your... read more